Before & After: A Condo Comes To Life

The Bediz Group, LLC prides itself on excellent marketing and a track record of successful sales. Each property we list is presented to perfection, but they don’t all start that way. In fact, most need some staging and design help, and some need a complete overhaul. The Bediz Group can help, whether the needs are big or small.

In the following photos, you’ll see how our services helped one client for less than $30,000. The home is a two bedroom, two bathroom condominium that got completely new kitchens and baths and refinished floors and walls, plus a slight change to the layout that dramatically increased the home’s appeal and value.

Before #1 After #1

An outdated, closed kitchen was opened and refitted with new appliances, granite countertops and new ceramic floors.

Before #2 After #2

Opening the walls of the kitchen merged the space with the dining and living areas, and made all three rooms feel bigger in the process.

Before #3 After #3

Opening the kitchen also allowed light from another window to enter the living area, making the whole space feel brighter and more open.

Before #4 After #4

By closing the doors to the second bedroom and opening another door in the
hallway, that room became a true second bedroom. Simultaneously, the long, dark hallway was broken up and lightened.

Before #5 After #5

The second bedroom claimed its right as a private space, increasing the value of the unit as a whole.

Before #6 After #6

The master bedroom was transformed into a chic and comfortable refuge with new paint. Instead of a costly flooring replacement, the existing parquet was refinished with a deep stain to give the home a trendy look. The imperfections in the floor’s surface become features that give the home a unique flavor.

Before #7 After #7

The master bathroom went from glum to glam, thanks to new lighting, fixtures,
countertop, flooring, tile shower surround and toilet. In addition, a coveted second vanity was added to increase the appeal of the unit.

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