Finding the Right Real Estate Agent


On Friday, February 21st, the Washington Post published a very informative article on finding the right real estate agent for you.  They interviewed several local real estate agents, including our own David Bediz, for insight and tips to ensure you have hired the best team for your real estate transaction.

David provided lots of knowledge and insight for this article and is featured several times throughout.  He discusses the importance of buyers’ agents by saying, “Realtors can sometimes show buyers properties they didn’t think they wanted to see but that work for them. Realtors have the knowledge and connections to push an offer or to make sure it’s written strongly enough to compete with other offers when there’s competition. When there isn’t competition for a property, an experienced Realtor can make recommendations about how much to offer formulated on evidence of the actual home value.”

David later points out, “…because agents’ commissions are paid by the sellers from the profit of the sale, buyers get the guidance for free.  There’s almost never a reason to buy a house without the representation of a Realtor.”

Later in the article, the Washington Post made some helpful suggestions on questions to ask your potential real estate agent before signing a contract with him or her.

– How long have you been in the business?  How many transactions did you have last year?

– Are you experienced working with first-time homebuyers? Can you explain the buying process?

– Can you tell me about state, local and federal programs for first-time homebuyers?

– What neighborhoods do you specialize in?

– What price range do you usually work in?

– Can you provide me with a list of references?

– What is the fastest way for me to reach you if I have a question or think I have found a home to buy?

– How often should I expect to hear from you while I am looking for a home?

– Will you be able to give me advice about future home maintenance or improvement projects that could help my house retain its value?

To read the entire Washington Post article, please CLICK HERE.

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