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Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Alison moved to Washington, DC after she fell in love with the city during a college internship. Upon graduating from The University of Georgia, she came back to DC for a job in government consulting. In her time as a consultant, she developed a strong commitment to customer service and an ability to consistently produce solid results for her clients. Alison brought both of these qualities into her career in real estate, which has greatly contributed to her success.

After a few years in consulting, Alison decided to become a Realtor so that she could combine her love for DC with her knowledge of real estate. Considering that she grew up in a family of Realtors, some might say it was a job she was born to do. She loves every aspect of having a career in real estate, but most enjoys being able to help first time homebuyers.

Alison is also proud to say that she has lived in nearly every corner of Washington. This familiarity with most of DC’s neighborhoods has helped her clients in their search for the part of town that suits them best. While she loves her current neighborhood, Logan Circle, Alison lived on Capitol Hill for 3 years and is partial to that neighborhood as well.

In fact, when she’s not working on buying or selling a home for her clients, she teaches barre classes at Biker Barre near Eastern Market. In addition to her love of fitness, Alison also enjoys going out to DC’s many great restaurants, shopping for the perfect pair of black heels, and loves finding out about up and coming musicians.

She can’t wait to work with you and share her love and knowledge of Washington’s real estate!

Client Testimonial:

I was lucky enough to work with Alison McCubbin when I sold my condo and I couldn’t be happier.  She combined relaxed, good humor with incredible attention to detail.  Any time I had a question, she’d text an answer within minutes. The couple times there was an issue, she’d come up with a plan and a remedy.  Its been a while since I bought a new place so I didn’t realize how much documentation went into the process, but Alison handled every last detail with clarity and expertise.  (I appreciate that pretty much every part of the process was automated via the internet so I was able to keep the process moving while on travel, even signing forms from a hotel in Burma!) I remember when we first started working on my purchase, she asked me to make a wish list of what I wanted in my new place. I listed view, location, cost, amenities, etc.  I knew I was going over the top with my requests but she assured me that she would try to get me every single one of them – and lo and behold she did!  In just 7 weeks she helped me find and close on a new place that I LOVE and then managed to sell the old place in record time.  She was smart about the pricing strategy and helpful in providing guidance and advice on making the whole sales process go smoothly.  I had initially dreaded all the work and uncertainty that I thought would be involved in buying and selling a new home in this market but to my surprise, Alison made it fun!  Now that its all over, I have a feeling I will miss her cheery emails and texts!   if you are looking for an agent,  I would recommend Alison to anyone.    She’s talented, smart, and just a very nice person.   I felt lucky to have found her.” – Mark R.

“Simply put, Alison McCubbin is awesome. She is the perfect real estate professional to help you navigate the DC market. She knows the area well, helped me quickly find a property and knew what I needed to bid make a competitive offer. She worked diligently for MONTHS to get me through a TOPA nightmare and renegotiate closing costs along the way! I worked with some other agents in the DC area prior to her, and there is no comparison. Definitely recommend!” – Matt B.

We had the pleasure of working with Alison for both the listing of our home (a condo in Logan Circle), and the purchasing of a new one (a home in AU park). Alison was always incredibly accommodating, responsive, cheerful, and most of all she made us feel like she really cared about us and our outcome. This is not necessarily a common thing you find amongst real estate professionals in DC, but she is a true class-act. She worked tirelessly with us through a very competitive market (and process) and always led with her positivity that it would work out ultimately in our best interest – and it did!” – Bonnie L.

Alison was so wonderful to work with. She was such a hard worker and helped me to find the prefect home. My first time home buying experience was wonderful and it was because of her!– Amanda K.

“Alison was a rock throughout a very emotional process. She seems young, but she knew her stuff and she did a fantastic job of helping me through a problematic mortgage process. I was very lucky to have found her, since I simply met her at an open house and got a good vibe from her.” – Sarah J.

“Excellent.  Alison went above and beyond all expectations.” Dustin M.