Bloomingdale & Eckington

Welcome to Bloomingdale & Eckington

Bloomingdale and Eckington are in the heart of D.C. Close to the U.S. Capitol and to several universities including Howard University, Catholic University and George Washington University, the area also features several new restaurants that have opened their doors including Big Bear Café, Grassroots Gourmet, Boundary Stone & Window’s Market. Throughout the summer, they have an amazing Farmers’ Market on Sundays, which has fresh local produce for all your favorite summer dishes.

The housing market has definitely changed in the past few years. Since 2006, dozens of new condos have been developed throughout the area, and many more D.C. residents are now calling Bloomingdale and Eckington home. With its accessibility and new wave of restaurants, businesses, and housing availability, you can understand why.

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